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 Production Base

Service Hotline:400-088-7779

Shanghai Changning Production Base

Tel:+86(0)21 6252 2296
Fax:+86(0)21 6212 5905
MB:+86 18918729988
       Deng huaping
       General Manager
Add:No.171 Lane 680,Kaixuan Road,Shanghai (No.688 Zhaohua Road)

Shanghai Jinshan Production Base

Tel:+86(0)21 5729 3980
    +86(0)21 5729 3323
Fax:+86(0)21 5729 1585
MB:+86 13045676818
       Tan Ping
Add:No.5899 Caolang Road Qianwei Town,Jinshan District ,Shanghai(Near Jinshi Road)

Shanxi Taiyuan Production Base

Tel:+86(0)351 7942 588
Fax:+86(0)351 7954 598
MB:+86 18735126559
       Xu Wenquan
       General Manager
Add:NO.5899 Xiaoniu Road Dadaijiabao Village,Beige Town,Xiaodian District,Taiyuan,Shanxi

Tianjin Beichen Production Base

Tel:+86(0)22 2699 2262
Fax:+86(0)22 2699 8377
MB:+86 15822620083
       Zuo Xiaojin
       Deputy General Manager
Add:NO.15 Jinwei Road Industrial District,Beichen District,Tianjin

Tianjin Jinnan Production Base

Tel:+86(0)22 8865 9708-801
Fax:+86(0)22 8865 9301
MB:+86 18822112007
       Wang Sibin
       Deputy General Manager
Add:NO.6 Baoyuan Road,Jinnan Development Zone(East Zone),Tianjin

Hunan Changsha Production Base

Tel:+86(0)731 8409 6768
Fax:+86(0)731 8409 6768
MB:+86 15873146116
       Tan Qiuyun
Add:MaotangpuTanfang Village,Ansha town,Changsha county,Changsha


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SHT(Shanghai Heat Treatment), previously Shanghai Machine Works, was established from incorporation of Lisheng Iron Works and Datong Iron Works in August 1956. Since 1959, SHT specializes in heat treatment processing and technical services. In 1966, SHT renamed officially as Shanghai Heat Treatment Plant, for the original mechanized industry Key enterprise, the National Heat Treatment Craft Model Enterprise, and also it was the earliest factory put up, the largest scale of commercial heat treatment company in China.

In 1989, SHT had the honor to receive the title of “national secondary enterprise”, which was the first in same national profession .  In 1995, we attained the great honor of “hundreds of excellent enterprises in machinery industry”, and for 15 years evaluated “the Shanghai civilization unit” continuously. In 2003, it was appraised after the China Heat Treatment Association for first batch “China Heat Treatment Regime Enterprise”, and gained the permission of ISO9001 quality

In 2006 , the whole enterprise restructured for Shanghai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. and now it is the unit of China Heat Treatment Association, Shanghai Heat Treatment Association and Shanghai Heat treatment Academic society's vice-director unit.In 2008, SHT invest Shanghai Longqian Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd in Jinshan disrict of Shanghai. In September, 2010 ,Taiyuan SHT Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd. was set up in Xiaodian District ,Taiyuan , Shanxi Province in order to serve Shanxi and the North China market. 

In November 2010 in Tianjin, Tianjin SHT Heat Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Beichen high-tech park to serve Tianjin and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry of the encircle Bohai market. In February 2011 in Tianjin Jinnan District, set up  Tianjin  thermal vacuum heat treatment of Co., Ltd. service Tianjin and Bohai sea area of various kinds of mould, aerospace and other products vacuum heat treatment services. In June 2011 in Hunan Changsha, Changsha SHT Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd. was set up to service all kinds of engineering machinery, equipment manufacturing, automotive and aviation key-module heat treatment in  Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area.

In 1960 Triturated “603” asepsis carburizer with powdered charcoal as the main raw material used in liquid carburizer, it was initially invented domestically replace the imported products. In 1978 Intermediate Frequency heat treatment results of geological drill pipe won National Scientific and Technological Advancement prize. In November 1983, during the third International Materials and Heat Treatment Conference in Shanghai , hundreds of Chinese and foreign experts to SHT to visit.

In 1986, SHT attained the Shanghai first heat treatment production license. In 1987, its precision chemical heat treatment project gear won the Third prize of Shanghai science and technology progress. In 1989, SHT was awarded national secondary enterprise which was the first of the profession. In 1990, its induction heat treatment of the film coating layers mouth results the first prize of Shanghai Rejuvenating.

Since 2007, SHT has received two of the Shanghai high-tech achievements project, 16 national patent of invention and practical patents . In 2009 SHT was evaluated as Shanghai high-tech enterprises, little giant enterprise of Shanghai science and technology. In 2010 , established " Enterprise Technology Center ", and was established by the Shanghai municipal people's government for "specialization, superior" producer service industry in the enterprise.

SHT is self-contained, reliable quality, management and orderly, the technique power is strong. Now we have a batch of modern heat treatment equipment, including the company of Germany PE control system's seal box carbon multi-purpose furnace, big well type gas carburizing furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, etc. They can all carry out regular heat treatment, induction heat –treatment, chemical (cementite, ionodialysis nitrogen, gas permeability nitrogen, carbon and nitrogen were permeability, and nitrogen of carbon), vacuum heat treatment and other permeability. And it can undertake the dual metal casting process, heat treatment and auxiliary equipment design and manufacture of commissioning, and provide medium and small finished product roller, provide induction measurement and control temperature device and technology.

SHT always adhere to the technological progress and technology innovation, actively adopt new technology, new technology, new equipment, and constantly update transformation equipment, to improve the level of management, strengthen the management methods, which makes our company become a very strong heat treatment technology research ability and a group of professional company with rich practical experience in the heat treatment technology workers,  the abundant technical force, we serve for national and brother unit of tall top difficult to read, to solve the problem of heat treatment of Santana car clutch parts induction heat treatment hardening experiment, Passat B5 car wheel hull induction hardening experiment, metallurgy rolling mill 15000 rolls with intermediate frequency quenching process research and high-speed train braking system, aircraft carrier key components, big aircraft engine parts and many other heat treatment problem, and can provide medium and small stick, reaction temperature measurement finished product device technology, etc.

With the belief of "Most Professional Supplier Of Thermal Processing Services", SHT finally provide customers "door-to-door" and "plan-to-plant" service . We have more than customer service, involving the machine tool, shipbuilding and smelting ore, port machinery, textile machinery, light machine, aviation, power plant equipment and other advanced manufacturing industry and the equipment manufacturing industry. The establishment of the heat treatment service factory to close to the main customer orientation, in order to support products and local customer demand, to become part of the manufacturing business customers, clients achieve earnings and won't worry about. If customers have the existing equipment, we'll buy it, reassembled, take over the operation. We will continue to provide innovative services, sign a long-term agreement with the customer, sought to establish strategic alliances, and eventually to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

SHT insist go university-industry cooperation to create science and technology enterprises, together with Shanghai university to build Shanghai institute of heat treatment, and the first green with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan institute of material mechanical academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of materials at home and abroad such as leading research institutes, and strive to build a long-term partnership with masterly craft, strict management, excellent quality, good services at home and abroad and win good reputation.

SHT warmly welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad to our company  for negotiate business, further strengthen and expand cooperation relationship.